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Reception explore the woodlands

This week in Reception, we have been reading the story ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson and we have been learning about what a woodland is. We also learnt about the animals we may find in the woodlands including foxes, badgers, squirrels and moles. We had a fantastic time exploring our school woodlands this afternoon but sadly we didn’t find the Gruffalo!

Winter and Ice

What a busy first week back we’ve had in Reception! We have been learning about the Winter season and the changes that are taking place around us, just in time for the snow! We learnt that ice is frozen water and investigated different ways of how we could make ice melt. In our reading lessons we have been reading the story ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson and we found lots of our own stick men on a winter walk around our school.


This week, Reception have been reading the story ‘Owl Babies’ and learning about nocturnal animals. We learnt the vocabulary words ‘hunting’, ‘brave’ and ‘swooped’ as part of our reading lessons ad wrote our own retells of the story. We also named the body parts of an owl, including the beak and talons, and created our own paintings of owls. We learnt how to use split pins and made our own split pin owls. What a busy week we’ve had!

Reception’s visit to the woods

After learning about the season of autumn this morning, Reception visited our school woodlands in the search of autumn leaves. The children absolutely loved discovering all of the different coloured leaves and we were lucky to experience a big gust of wind which blew even more leaves off! We found lots of beautiful, brown, yellow and orange leaves as well as a few pine cones.