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Nursery Children’s Fabulous Rockets

Last week in the nursery we had a fabulous time learning all about space and rockets. We created some fabulous box rockets and experimented with bottles to see what happened to our rockets when we pushed air through the top. The children designed some lovely looking aliens using gummed paper. They used shapes to print rockets, naming the shapes as they did so, well done everyone! We used a spinner to see how many marshmallows to feed the aliens. We then got to spin again to eat some ourselves, this was very popular. Well done on all of you hard work children. Please press the Sandford Hill icon to see some photographs of our superstars in action!
We are looking forward to welcoming you in to school to watch our Nativity

Safe Fireworks in the Nursery

We have had an extremely busy time in the Nursery learning about firework safety. The children have created some very explosive pictures using a variety of different media. We hope you all have a lovely, very safe weekend.
Please press the Sandfordhill icons to see their fabulous work

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Nursery children listened very carefully to the traditional story Goldilocks and the tree Bears. Following the story the children then had to find objects in the nursery that were taller and shorter than themselves. We made bear puppets, matched compare bears to numbers and used foam blocks to build tall and short towers. We think they worked really hard, well done everyone!

Autumn fun in the Nursery

We had a very busy last week in the Nursery learning all about Autumn. The children painted some fabulous hedgehogs, made Autumn leaf sun catchers for the windows, used playdough to make hedgehogs plus many more activities. A particular favourite was our outdoor maths activity, we had to roll dice, count the spots and do some extra careful counting to make sure we placed the correct number of leaves on the tree. Brilliant counting by everyone, well done!
We hope that you have had a lovely well earned rest with your families and look forward to welcoming you back in to school on Monday.
Thank you to those that have already sent in their Autumn
Please press the Sandfordhill icons to see photo videos of your superstars in action!

Nursery learn about their senses

We have had a very sensory week in the nursery this week. On Monday the children went on a bare foot walk and tried hard to describe the different textures they could feel. Tuesday we were nose detectives and had to sniff out what was hiding in our tubs, there was cocoa powder,vanilla essence, perfume and curry powder. Wednesday the children used their sense of taste. They tried icing sugar, cocoa powder, lemon and crisps. We talked about the different tastes, bitter, sweet and sour. Thursday was listening Day. We used our ears and went for a listening walk around the school grounds. The children identified lots of diffent sounds birds, cars, trees and someone even thought they heard the bin men! Well done children, super listening! We then set about making our own instruments. We could make one that had a loud, quiet or soft sound. Binocular making on Friday, I wonder what we’ll see. Well done everyone!
Please tap on the Sandfordhill icons to see your superstars in action.

Handa’s Surprise

The Nursery children had a very busy week learning all about different countries. We spent a very busy Monday learning about France. We looked closely at The Eiffel Tower and then the children tried hard to paint their own, we had lots of fun learning to say ‘hello’ in French. I wonder if anyone can remember?
We shared the story ‘Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. In the story Handa visits her friend Akeyo and takes a basket of seven different fruits, along the way some very cheeky animals took the fruit from the basket. Can you remember any of the animals? Following the story we tasted a selection of fruits from the story, as you will see from the childrens faces on the photos some were not very popular!
We looked at the Indian flag and tasted a variety of foods, including naan bread, poppadum, mango chutney and cucumber and mint dip.
Buongiorno Thursday! We spent the day learning about Italy and making our very own pizzas! an activity the children thoroughly enjoyed, of course the best part was eating it once it was cooked.
We hope you enjoy looking at our photos and as always would love to hear what you children had to say about our very busy week.

Under The Sea

What a very busy start to our final half term! It was lovely to see so many happy smiling faces all refreshed after the half term break and ready to learn lots of new and exciting things.
On Monday we shared ‘The Rainbow fish’ a story about a fish who didn’t like to share his shiny scales, afterwards the children painted their hands to create their own rainbow fish.
Our new role play area has been very popular, with everyone acting out being at the seaside not forgetting to apply sun cream before taking a dip in the paddling pool.
Today the children have made an Octopus, they had to carefully count out eight tentacles to attach to the body, super counting by everyone, well done!
There has been many more activities, please take a look at the photos by clicking on the Sandford Hill icons and as always we would love to read your comments.

Super Sharing!

This week in Maths, Reception have been learning to share a number of objects equally. Yesterday the children were given a set of numbers to 20 to investigate if that number could be shared equally. The children were super investigators and found that some numbers such as 9 and 13 cannot be shared equally. We have also been learning to verbalise our sharing by saying, for example, “if I share 12 equally, they will have 6 each”. Fantastic work everybody! Click on the links in the picture below to hear the children verbalising their sharing.

Bye Bye Butterflies

The children in EYFS have carefully watched our caterpillars grow, spin cocoons and finally turn into beautiful butterflies. This afternoon we let them fly much to the excitement of everybody. The children have loved watching the life cycle take place in front of their very own eyes and can’t wait to see them flying around our playground!

Click on the links on the picture below to see the butterflies flying away.