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Autumn in the Nursery

We have had a fantastic week in the Nursery. The children have created some brilliant art work, sang along to Autumn songs and have been supserstar counters of conkers! Well done everyone!
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The children have settled in to school life brilliantly! We hope you have a lovely, well earned half term break with your families.

Nurseries Little Monsters

It’s been a monster of a week in the Nursery so far. On Monday we read the story Kipper’s Monster by Mick Inkpen. Following the story the children created handprint monsters, on Tuesday they made some very scary looking monsters using tissue and gummed shapes and today they created their very own shape monsters, most of which look very friendly. Can anyone name all of the shapes they used? Well done to our monster superstars!
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Reception’s Safer Internet Day

To celebrate Safer Internet Day the children in Reception read the story ‘Smartie the Penguin’ and learnt a special song to help us to remember how to stay safe when using the internet. We learnt that if anything unfamiliar pops up on our devices we must always tell an adult before clicking on anything. We also had lots of fun making our own Smartie the penguin and our own laptops!
Watch the video in the picture below to hear our special song so you too can stay safe on the internet.

To follow this years theme of ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect’ we are sharing our song and work with a Reception class from The Willows Primary School who are also going to share their work with us. We are looking forward to their comments on our blog!

Reception PE

The children in Reception are really enjoying their gymnastic lessons in PE. Last week we learnt about balancing using different body parts and we worked in partners to create a balance together. This week we have learnt how to do an egg roll and have been exploring different ways to travel along the bench. The children are working hard to get changed into their PE kits by themselves. Super work everybody! Click on the videos in the picture below to see what we have been up to.

Incy Wincy Spider

Happy new year to our Nursery supserstars and all of your families. It had been a pleasure welcoming you back in to school looking super smart and excited to learn.
Our topic this half term is ‘Nursery Rhymes’ This week we have been learning about Incy Wincy Spider. We looked closely at spiders spinning webs and carefully moved a paint covered marble around a tray to create our very own webs, sprinkled with glitter of course. Afterwards we drew around our hands and carefully cut out our handprints that look just like spiders! We think these will look amazing on our windows.
Today we have had some fantastic counting! We used the iPad to look at a photograph of a spider and how many legs they have. The children then had to count out the correct number to put on their Spider. Can anyone remember how many legs a spider has?
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Nursery Children’s Fabulous Rockets

Last week in the nursery we had a fabulous time learning all about space and rockets. We created some fabulous box rockets and experimented with bottles to see what happened to our rockets when we pushed air through the top. The children designed some lovely looking aliens using gummed paper. They used shapes to print rockets, naming the shapes as they did so, well done everyone! We used a spinner to see how many marshmallows to feed the aliens. We then got to spin again to eat some ourselves, this was very popular. Well done on all of you hard work children. Please press the Sandford Hill icon to see some photographs of our superstars in action!
We are looking forward to welcoming you in to school to watch our Nativity

Safe Fireworks in the Nursery

We have had an extremely busy time in the Nursery learning about firework safety. The children have created some very explosive pictures using a variety of different media. We hope you all have a lovely, very safe weekend.
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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Nursery children listened very carefully to the traditional story Goldilocks and the tree Bears. Following the story the children then had to find objects in the nursery that were taller and shorter than themselves. We made bear puppets, matched compare bears to numbers and used foam blocks to build tall and short towers. We think they worked really hard, well done everyone!