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Year 4 Science

In science the Y4 the children have been learning about sound. Today we completed our final investigation to find which would be the best material to muffle the sound and therefore make the best ear-defenders. The children also added the vocabulary that they’d learnt to the word cloud.

Mr Frost’s Class Bear The Brunt Of Eric’s Antics!

This morning, the children of Mr Frost’s class were witness to yet more brazen mischievy, as Eric the elf struck once again, this time in Year 3! It seems as though Eric had somehow managed to empty out the entire contents of the P.E. store into the children’s classroom and then shamelessly created a handy ceiling hammock for himself to gloat over his dastardly deeds. What ever Santa might be thinking we can only imagine! We’re all very much looking forward to the day when the irksome imp trudged back off to The North Pole!

A Festive Treat For Mrs Carney’s Class

Today the children in Mrs Carney’s class were served up a very festive treat! Wrapped up in their warm coats, they joined together around a fire pit to sample mulled wine (well warm Vimto actually) and toasted marshmallows whilst belting out a seasonal tune or too. Looks like lots of fun was had by all!

Miss Ridgway’s Class Painting

I was very lucky today to be able to spend a few moments in Miss Ridgway’s class as the children painted their pottery pieces in the style of Emma Bridgwater. The children were FANTASTIC – listening, working together, trying their very best and showing a wonderfully grown-up approach to their learning. It really was a pleasure – so much so, that I also wanted to share a few more photographs which I took with everyone. Thank you so much children – you made my afternoon!

Miss Harrison’s Class Special Visit

Yesterday the children in Miss Harrison’s class, paid a special visit to Father Christmas who had magically appeared on the school field. The children loved meting his two reindeer; Prancer and Vixen. We hope you enjoy the photographs. Merry Christmas everybody….have a Wizard one this year….we really do ‘Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday!”