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Safer Internet Day in Year One!

What a fantastic day we have had learning about how to stay safe when using the internet. We read ‘Penguin Pig’ and then wrote a letter to the little girl in the story to give her some advice about what she should have done. We also created our very own SMART rules poster. All in all a very busy day learning lots to help us as although the internet can be used for lots of amazing things, it can also be dangerous. Please look at our blog to see what we have been doing.

Woodland Visitors!

Year One were so lucky this week to have some very special visitors! To help us with our topic, ‘Enchanted Woodland,’ we had some amazing woodland creatures come to see us. We even got to stroke them and we learnt so much about them. We were all so gentle and kind and listened carefully to instructions to ensure that we did not frighten the animals. Have a look at our blog to find out more.

Making Friends with Trees!

Today we have been making friends with trees in Year One. We have found out some amazing information about trees, including the fact that they help to keep humans alive. They are also homes to many wonderful animals and provide them with lots of food. Please have a look at our blog to see how what we have been doing.

Stone Age Settlements

We have had lots of fun creating these Stone Age settlements! The children thought carefully about what the Stone Age people would need to survive and what materials they would be able to use to build their shelters. I am sure that you will all agree these settlements are fantastic!

Year Three Fashion Designers!

Year Three have been busy this half term designing some different clothes for the Flintstones! They have learned to make their own templates and use the templates to cut a piece of material accurately, to thread their own needles and how to use three different stitches. I was really impressed with the children’s resilience when problem solving and their independence! I think the parents, carers and friends of the children will be impressed with their finished outfit! We have these up on display for you to see on Open Evening!

Year 1 Eco Day.

What a very informative day we have had in Year 1 today! We could not believe it when we came in after our break and there was a sea in our classroom that was full of amazing animals, but was also full of very dangerous pieces of plastic! As we learnt more about where the plastic had come from and the impact that it had on ocean life it made us very sad and so see what we have done about it in our blog.

Year One Transition Morning.

What a fantastic morning we all had in Year One this morning. We had lots of amazing adults in the classroom to help us and they saw how well we have all settled in. It was great to show everyone what super independent learners we are. Thank you to all of those adults that came and well done to all of the children! I cannot wait to display our wonderful Mr and Mrs Potato Heads. Please look at our blog to see our hard work.

Year Three’s Stone Age Adventure!

Today Year Three have visited Wild Wood where they became cave men and women for the day! We started our day by using tree branches and leaves to create a shelter…I was very impressed by the children’s building skills so it was impossible to choose a winning shelter! The children were very excited to make and fire their very own bow and arrow made from the branch of a willow tree- just like the Stone Age people would have needed to do when hunting. It was also a lot of fun to warm ourselves up with a hot chocolate by the camp fire. We were then super detectives, foraging for food like crab apples, blackberries and nettles. We were shocked to learn that people a long time ago might have eaten nettles! In the afternoon, we learned how to make fire using flint and the whole class managed to set a piece of cotton wool on fire! Thank you for a lovely day Year Three!