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John Muir Tuesday Group

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Luckily the rain stayed off for us in the woods tonight. Most of us went on a nature scavenger hunt, finding things such as something fuzzy, something red, something alive. Four of us did a fantastic job carrying on Mr Hassall’s work digging holes for the posts for our new benches.

Year 3/1 Smoothies!

Today Year Three have been busy making smoothies! There were lots of smiles in the classroom as the children cut their very own fruit using very sharp knives. It was lovely to see the excited looks on the children’s faces when the blender came on. We have managed to eat five pieces of fruit today and even better we are still coming home with five fingers on each hand!

We can’t wait to see what we make next week!

Keeping the streets clean!

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Year 6 did not want to miss out on the litter pick this afternoon, so braved the rain and headed out along Bambury Street. They did a fantastic job and showed what good citizens they are. Back at school the litter was sorted into recyclable and non recyclable items and thrown in the correct bins. Well done to Year 6 who enjoyed themselves so much, they want to make it a regular thing!

Year 1/1 Science

What a brilliant first week we’ve had in Year 1! The children have adapted to the new routines brilliantly and have behaved impeccably.
In Science we have been learning to label the parts of our body then explored our senses. We made biscuits with scented icing, explored loud and quiet sounds with instruments, made a sensory collage with different materials, tasted different foods and tried to complete a series of tasks whilst blindfolded.
We used lots of vocabulary too such as bitter, sour, salty, soft, rough and smooth. Super work everybody!

Real Life Superheroes!

What an amazing afternoon Year One have had visiting Longton Fire Station! Our topic this term has been Superheroes and heroes in our community. Well, they don’t get any better than the firefighters at Longton! Please look at our blog to see what a wonderful afternoon we had.

Safer Internet Day in Year One!

What a fantastic day we have had learning about how to stay safe when using the internet. We read ‘Penguin Pig’ and then wrote a letter to the little girl in the story to give her some advice about what she should have done. We also created our very own SMART rules poster. All in all a very busy day learning lots to help us as although the internet can be used for lots of amazing things, it can also be dangerous. Please look at our blog to see what we have been doing.

Woodland Visitors!

Year One were so lucky this week to have some very special visitors! To help us with our topic, ‘Enchanted Woodland,’ we had some amazing woodland creatures come to see us. We even got to stroke them and we learnt so much about them. We were all so gentle and kind and listened carefully to instructions to ensure that we did not frighten the animals. Have a look at our blog to find out more.