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Year Three’s Stone Age Adventure!

Today Year Three have visited Wild Wood where they became cave men and women for the day! We started our day by using tree branches and leaves to create a shelter…I was very impressed by the children’s building skills so it was impossible to choose a winning shelter! The children were very excited to make and fire their very own bow and arrow made from the branch of a willow tree- just like the Stone Age people would have needed to do when hunting. It was also a lot of fun to warm ourselves up with a hot chocolate by the camp fire. We were then super detectives, foraging for food like crab apples, blackberries and nettles. We were shocked to learn that people a long time ago might have eaten nettles! In the afternoon, we learned how to make fire using flint and the whole class managed to set a piece of cotton wool on fire! Thank you for a lovely day Year Three!

Sports Week Sculptures!

These are our (mostly) completed scultpures made using modrock, art straws, scrap paper, corks and ping pong balls. Some children have made a sculpture to commemorate our Sports Week and some made World Cup trophys. The children thought carefully about how to make their sculptures special, including a football to show that 2018 was the year of the World Cup and including wedding archways to show that it was the year of a royal wedding! We hope you like our work!

Year 3/2 Sculptures

We have been thinking about the World Cup and our Sports Week! We decided that our Sports Week was so fantastic that it needed a sculpture to commemorate the event! We designed our sculptures ourselves, chose our own materials and worked completely independently to create our sculpture.

Year One go to the Zoo!

What an amazing day we had at Twycross Zoo on Wednesday. We saw lots of amazing animals and created some wonderful memories. All of the children were so well behaved and we were very proud of them all. Look at our video to see what happened!

Year 3 Reach Dizzy Heights!

On Friday afternoon, we had lots of very brave Year Three children who climbed the climbing wall! We were impressed by how everyone joined in even if they were scared! The children all had big, beautiful smiles and thery were all very grateful for the experience! It was a pleasure to take you out for a fun-filled afternoon!

Year 3/2 Muay Thai

The fun continued!! We were very lucky to have a Muay Thai lesson this afternoon! As I’m sure you can tell from the video, there were lots of smiley faces and children who were very excited to learn the Thai boxing moves!

Year 3/2 Go To Cricket Cave!

We have had an incredibly fun morning visiting the Cricket Cave in Burslem! The children really enjoyed completing the various activities at Cricket Cave and I was impressed by their accuracy when striking a ball and when bowling at a target! There are definitely some future cricketers in our class!

Year 3/2 Stoke Spitfires!

We have had lots of fun already this week! Yesterday we were very lucky to have a member of the Stoke Spitfires teach us how to play wheelchair basketball! There were lots of smiley faces as we rode our wheel chairs across the hall and tried to throw the ball into the hoop! We were all very competitive and the sound of cheering could be heard in Mrs Frost’s room!

Year One Enjoy Diversity Day!

Year One have had a fantastic afternoon in the hall learning all about Stoke on Trent, the world, different religions and cultures. The children behaved so wonderfully and asked some amazing questions. Thank you to all of the very knowledgeable children and adults in the hall that shared their amazing information with us! Take a look at our blog to find out more.

If you go down to the woods today….

You’re in for a big surprise!! We have had another magical day! We arrived in the morning to a classroom decorated with both trees and paper vines then we decided to have a wander back into the forest. When we arrived at the forest, we could not believe our eyes!!! There were benches-ready for us to sit on- but more remarkable than that…There were tiny elf clothes on a washing line, miniscule potion bottles and heart lights!

But that’s not all!! The real magic happened when we saw at least three fairies flying around us! I am super excited to see what might happen tomorrow, though I have a feeling that this elf could be trouble!!