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Gardening Club

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For our last Gardening Club of the year, Mrs Carney created a set of cards with items written on. We had to decide which could be composted and which couldn’t. It was a great discussion about why we compost and the reasons why we don’t compost some things. We hope to encourage children in school to put their fruit leftovers in our compost bins which are on the key stage 2 yards. 🍎🍐🍌

Christmas Crafts

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For our penultimate session at John Muir Club, we created these beautiful Christmas decorations out of natural objects – wood and stones. We could set up a business at Trentham Gardens! Last session on Friday.

Nature Hangers

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Tonight at our John Muir Club we weaved wool into our v shaped sticks then added lots of natural materials that we collected last week. They look beautiful hanging in one of the trees.
We are making the most out of the final few weeks before the dark nights set in.

John Muir Tuesday Group

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Luckily the rain stayed off for us in the woods tonight. Most of us went on a nature scavenger hunt, finding things such as something fuzzy, something red, something alive. Four of us did a fantastic job carrying on Mr Hassall’s work digging holes for the posts for our new benches.

Year 3/1 Smoothies!

Today Year Three have been busy making smoothies! There were lots of smiles in the classroom as the children cut their very own fruit using very sharp knives. It was lovely to see the excited looks on the children’s faces when the blender came on. We have managed to eat five pieces of fruit today and even better we are still coming home with five fingers on each hand!

We can’t wait to see what we make next week!

Keeping the streets clean!

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Year 6 did not want to miss out on the litter pick this afternoon, so braved the rain and headed out along Bambury Street. They did a fantastic job and showed what good citizens they are. Back at school the litter was sorted into recyclable and non recyclable items and thrown in the correct bins. Well done to Year 6 who enjoyed themselves so much, they want to make it a regular thing!