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Eco Day Year 4

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Year 4 learned all about the meaning of reduce, reuse and recycle today in our Eco Day. We discussed all the things we throw away and which items can be recycled. We are all going to try and say, ‘do I need this’ before we buy anything new.
We loved making Eco owls too by reusing plastic bottles, which we think look fantastic.

Welcome Back Gardening Club

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We were really excited to welcome back our Gardening Club after a break over winter. There were some new faces joining us who all seem keen. We had a chat about what we would like to achieve this year and about a couple of projects to get involved in. We then had a look around the garden areas and spotted some signs of spring – buds on some trees, frogspawn and a few flowers beginning to bloom. Our new polytunnel is underway thanks to our caretaker and we can’t wait until we can get to work in there. Each year we send for potatoes from Grow your Own and some of us planted these in grow bags. We are hoping to get another good harvest this year.
If anyone has any spare gloss or paint suitable for painting wood outdoors, we would really appreciate it as next week we are getting started painting our plant boxes. Thanks.

In The Woods

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We were able to get down into the woods at John Muir Club tonight. It was of course rather muddy but we were able to have a look at some of the things we have achieved so far. We collected sticks, pebbles and other items ready for our creative projects.

Invader Art

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With Tom Edwards, our artist in residence, Year 4 learned all about Invader, a street/graffiti artist from France. He bases his designs which he creates all over the world, on Space Invaders! Children created their own pixelated pictures which were amazing!

Gardening Club

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For our last Gardening Club of the year, Mrs Carney created a set of cards with items written on. We had to decide which could be composted and which couldn’t. It was a great discussion about why we compost and the reasons why we don’t compost some things. We hope to encourage children in school to put their fruit leftovers in our compost bins which are on the key stage 2 yards. 🍎🍐🍌

Christmas Crafts

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For our penultimate session at John Muir Club, we created these beautiful Christmas decorations out of natural objects – wood and stones. We could set up a business at Trentham Gardens! Last session on Friday.

Nature Hangers

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Tonight at our John Muir Club we weaved wool into our v shaped sticks then added lots of natural materials that we collected last week. They look beautiful hanging in one of the trees.
We are making the most out of the final few weeks before the dark nights set in.