Year 6 Sports Week – Day 3

Year 6 sprang into action for the third day of Sports Week, demonstrating excellent bounce-back-ability (excuse the trampoline puns). The children started the day with an assembly delivered by Stoke City FC, all about how different sports stars are helping to reduce global warming. We then loved getting outside and raising our pulses through some circuit training and the level of enthusiasm displayed by the children was brilliant to see. Returning to the classroom, the children learnt how to play chess and watched videos of some international speed chess players in action. The activity after lunch was definitely the favourite of the week so far – TRAMPOLINING. The children just couldn’t stop! We finished the day learning about the amount of sugar in some common foods and were surprised to learn that a tin of beans has more sugar than some cereal bars and ready meals.

2 thoughts on “Year 6 Sports Week – Day 3

  1. Sarah

    Isabelle is really enjoying this week. She especially enjoyed boogie bounce, clubbercise and investigating how much sugar is in food. Many thanks to all the staff who have made this week happen.


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