Year 6 express themselves

This week along with E-safety day and Chinese New Year, Year 6 have been exploring ways to look after our mental health. The children annotated outlines of themselves showing all of the different things they could do to help look after their mental health and also created some ‘top tips’ posters to help others understand the importance of good mental health. To support this, the theme of ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ was ‘Expressing Yourself’ so that’s exactly what we did! After finding out all about how others express themselves in various ways, we focused on three main themes: art, dance and creating content. The children chose their favourite piece of music or theme tune and added dance moves: travelling, turning and poses. That’s not all… they also made videos titled ‘Expressing Ourselves Creating Content’ where they spoke about their favourite things, something they really enjoyed or something they knew lots about. I’m sure you’ll agree, the children certainly expressed themselves and more importantly, as you can see from the smiles on their faces, they enjoyed doing it!

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  1. iwalford

    Those are fabulous everyone. So important that in these most challenging times for us al, we remember to be kind to ourselves!


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