Year 6 stay safe online

The children in Year 6 have taken a break from their usual timetable today to join in with a range of activities for National E-Safety Day. We have looked at different types of advertising and the difference between online and offline adverts, including some interesting discussions about the adverts that we remember the best. There has been a virtual assembly based around E-Safety and also a BBC live lesson featuring some well known faces. This afternoon, we discussed the different motives that people may have for sharing or promoting things online and the children were encouraged to be online detectives when they see different online posts. We think that e-safety is of the highest importance, now more so than ever, and we hope that the children are sharing their e-safety messages with you at home. Super work, Year 6!

2 thoughts on “Year 6 stay safe online

  1. iwalford

    Super work everyone. Remember the R in the SMART rules stands for RELIABLE; we can always trust everything we see online.


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