3 thoughts on “Year 4 Anti-Bullying

  1. Miss Ridgway

    Year 1/2 have been learning all about how to be kind this afternoon we have learnt that our hands are used for kindness. We would like to say “Thank you for sharing an important message with us we really like your video, it is fantastic”.

  2. Year 1/1 Miss Hodgson

    Wow Year 4! We really loved your poems about anti bullying. Hunter said he really likes the rhymes in your poems and Rowan liked the line “be cool, don’t be cruel”.
    We have learnt a very powerful message from your poems – at Sandford Hill we are going to show respect and kindness and we will not bully other.
    In our PSHE lesson this afternoon, we have learnt that our hands are for helping and not for hurting.

  3. iwalford

    This is lovely to hear Year 4. Well done everyone. let’s all continue to make sure that change really does start with us! The poems were fantastic and I loved to hear how we recognised that everyone is unique. Great work Year 4


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