Y3/2 Pizza Making

Today Year 3 have made some fabulous pizzas. We discussed the importance of getting our 5-a-day as part of a healthy and balanced diet and how certain foods might make better pizza toppings than others. The children worked brilliantly to chop their chosen vegetables using the safety technique that we discussed. Then they have predicted how their pizza will taste once it has been cooked at home. As they say…the proof is in the pudding (or pizza). Excellent work Year 3!

7 thoughts on “Y3/2 Pizza Making

  1. Sanoe Sky-Roberts

    Skyla-Beau’s pizza looked absolutely delicious. We have already cooked it and she’s eaten it all. She said it was yummy. Its great to see the children learning about the importance of their 5 a day, and how they can alter their pizza toppings to create healthier choices. Well done children. Sanoe x

  2. Nicki

    Oscar’s pizza was fab! Even if I did overcook it so it was a bit crispy… Oops! Fab work everyone, its great to see what you’re all getting up to


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