It’s A Dog’s Life For Year 4!

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Year 4 are currently enjoying an interesting session with Alison, our visitor from The Dogs Trust.

Following on from our assembly this morning, Year 4 have been thinking more about the excellent work that The Dogs Trust do. We have heard that every year, The Dogs Trust care for, and help rehome 15,000 dogs. We have also been looking at some real life cases of dogs that have needed rehoming, and thinking about how this could have been avoided.

The children have been thinking about how showing thoughtfulness and respect applies to our pets. Great work Year 4!

2 thoughts on “It’s A Dog’s Life For Year 4!

  1. julie copeland

    This is such a great idea, children need to be aware as early as possible to the responsibility of owning a pet and also the consequences of neglect. Awareness of the tireless work that the Dogs Trust does is such a positive experience for them.


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