Local Heroes

Year One went to meet their local heroes at the fire station. They showed us around the fire engines and explained all the things they do to keep us safe. Of course, no visit to a fire station is complete without water squirting training!
Thank you Gary, Docko and Josh for your time today, we really appreciate it.

4 thoughts on “Local Heroes

  1. Ruth

    Wow! That looks like so much fun. Lucy’s favourite part was watching Mrs Smith squirt Fire Fighter Gary with water and someone coming down the pole

  2. Lucy Williams

    Summer has really enjoyed this trip, she’s been telling me all about it and says the best bit was when Mrs Smith squirted Gary!

  3. Diane. ( Ellie-Mae Nan )

    What brilliant photos of the childrens day ,
    Looks like they really enjoyed it !
    Thank you to the fire station showing all the children about fire safety!


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