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This afternoon, Year Three were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Walford who wanted to share a story. His nephew, Tom had been waking up in the night because he thought that monsters were under the bed. He told us how Tom’s mum didn’t tell his sister Lucy because that would share the scare when there are no such things as monsters. We talked about how if one person tells someone and someone else does then the scare is shared and more people are scared so we all agreed that we did not want to share the scare. Mr Walford also showed us lots of fake news on the Internet to show that sometimes things we see on the Internet are not true or reliable….for example, there isn’t really a tree octopus and the Eiffel Tower wasn’t really on fire. There’s no such thing as monsters and sometimes things we see on the Internet are also not real.

The important message to the children was that they need to tell an adult if they see something that they don’t like or don’t know what it is and that they should use the Internet when with an adult.

If anyone would like more information on Internet safety, please see our school website, Twitter or this week’s newsletter. There’s lots of great advice too on the BBC ‘Own It’ website: BBC OWN IT

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  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    Thank you for inviting me in to your classroom children. I thought you all listened really carefully. I am going to remind Tom and Lucy that there are no such things as monsters and that of they are worried about things online, they should always tell a responsible grown up. Further advice for parents / carers is available through parent Info: Parent Info


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