Year 4 Were On A Permission Mission!

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To celebrate this Year’s Safer Internet Day, Year 4 have been on a permission mission!

We all took on the role of e-safety expert, Cyber Sam. This morning, we received a letter from a boy called Danny. He was very upset because he had accidentally spent over £50 on his mum’s credit card to buy V-Bucks on the PlayStation store! Even worse, he hadn’t asked for permission!

Using a ball, we explored all of the different ways that we could ask for, and give permission to others. We then role played as Danny, his mum and Cyber Sam to explore what advice that we could give.

Finally, we wrote back to Danny and his mum to give advice. We reminded Danny that it is important to ALWAYS ask for permission to buy things online. Also, we told Danny’s mum about some of the parental control features on the PlayStation 4, including passwords and spending limits. The children had some fantastic ideas and advice for Danny.

If you would like to find out more about the parental controls available on the PlayStation, please copy and paste this link!

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