Year 2 Safer Internet Day

Year 2 have had a fantastic morning learning more about staying safe on the internet.
We shared stories about consent and cyber-bullying and then discussed how to spot age appropriate sites. Children used thumbs up and down to show if given websites would be appropriate for them or a stop sign if they thought they needed to ask an adult.
I showed children how they could use the school website to report an issue if they needed to and we filled in the online form together.
Finally we wrote about Zap – a boy who made sure he always asked for consent when going online.

1 thought on “Year 2 Safer Internet Day

  1. Sandford Hill

    The ‘Chicken Clickin’ story is a great one to use to learn about the importance of asking for permission before we all go online. It also makes me remember the importance of our e-safety rule: ‘Think before you click!’ Great work everybody!


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