Year 2/1 Safer Internet Day

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Today in Year 2 we have been learning about how to keep safe online. The children have sorted through some websites and video games, judging them on their appropriateness. We discussed the different ways in which we can tell if online sites or games are suitable for our age range, before we access them.The children are now more familiar with pegi ratings which are used to protect them against accessing inappropriate games and content. Later, we read a story about two characters called Zap and Zoom. During the story Zap wanted to access an online game. The children heard about how Zap correctly asked his dad’s permission before he accessed the game. When playing the game, Zap was asked to enter some personal details. As Zap was unsure of what to do, he rightly asked his dad to check the game out. The children were happy that Zap did not share his personal information online and that he checked with a grown up first. Well done to all of Year 2. You have demonstrated that you have a good level of understanding on how to keep yourself safe online. Always remember that if you are ever unsure, ask a grown up first.

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  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    mThat’s great to hear. So much helpful advice and information to help us all stay safe on line. Remember to share what you have learned today with the grown ups who you live with- help them to stay safe too!


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