Year 6 Hoaxed! Fake News!

Today, our Year 6 children were hoaxed into researching the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. However, there is no such living thing! The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is fake news. Not everything on the internet is reliable.
After looking at some of the fake news which we may meet, we asked the children to write their own Fake News reports. Here is a taster of what Lauchlan wrote….don’t panic though…it’s FAKE NEWS!

“Good evening and welcome to The News At Ten. My name is Lauchlan.

Tonight’s headlines: Kim Jon Un is sending a bomb to America because of bad McDonald’s. The Queen is arrested for drunken driving. Brexit is solved by blowing up Ireland”.

We’re hoping to turn our fake news scripts into actual Fake News T.V. bulletins. Watch this space!

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