Year 3/2 Go To Cricket Cave!

We have had an incredibly fun morning visiting the Cricket Cave in Burslem! The children really enjoyed completing the various activities at Cricket Cave and I was impressed by their accuracy when striking a ball and when bowling at a target! There are definitely some future cricketers in our class!

9 thoughts on “Year 3/2 Go To Cricket Cave!

  1. Sandford Hill

    Great to see children. Cricket really is my favourite sport- it uses lots of skills that we can use on other sports too, such as catching, throwing, striking and stopping the ball

  2. Mason Lomax

    I absolutely loved cricket cave!!! My favourite activity was the bowling. Thank you for organising it.

  3. Mrs Cooper

    What a fantastic morning spent at Cave Cricket! You listened really well to the instructor and showed great team work playing in pairs and small groups, some excellent skills shown and some budding future bowlers and fielders we have in Year 3, well done. Nothing left to say but ‘HOWZAT!’


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