If you go down to the woods today….

You’re in for a big surprise!! We have had another magical day! We arrived in the morning to a classroom decorated with both trees and paper vines then we decided to have a wander back into the forest. When we arrived at the forest, we could not believe our eyes!!! There were benches-ready for us to sit on- but more remarkable than that…There were tiny elf clothes on a washing line, miniscule potion bottles and heart lights!

But that’s not all!! The real magic happened when we saw at least three fairies flying around us! I am super excited to see what might happen tomorrow, though I have a feeling that this elf could be trouble!!

9 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today….

  1. Finley

    I really enjoyed going down to the woods today. A real surprise was waiting for us patiently . We saw 3 fairies down there . I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

  2. Seth's mum

    Another exciting day for the children. I wonder what will happen next time you all visit the forest?

  3. Puck

    Hello boys and girls I’m so pleased to say
    We fairies are glad you had a magical day.
    The magic has only just begun
    There’s many more wonderous things to come.
    The glen that you visited was all mine
    I’m sorry I left my washing on the line.
    You remembered to look and not to touch
    You’d hurt our feelings very much.
    Did you like the gifts in your class?
    The vines, the trees, oh we fairies did laugh!
    The next time you see a flash of light
    Don’t worry, it’s me, just sayng “Hi!”
    Please come and see us, we’d love you to stay
    Maybe you can act out our wonderful play!

  4. Callum W

    In the classroom we had a letter from Puck about going to the forest . I was excited to go to the woods for the first time and see the magic potions and little elf clothes. We were excited to see what Puck looked like.

  5. Sandford Hill

    What a lovely way to bring the children’s learning alive. They were so enthusiastic about their lesson that I’m sure there writing will be even more special than usual.


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