Peculiar Things Happening In Year Three

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When we came to read our book in English, it had DISAPPEARED! In it’s place, there was only fairy dust and a strange note! We used the riddle clues to work out where we thought that it might lead and decided to explore the forest. When we first arrived at the forest, there was nothing there except an old wooden stage. After a few moments, Charlotte spotted something hidden by the trees….a parcel! We wanted to stay but we knew something was in there so we headed back to school! The strange goings on didn’t end there when we got back to class, our classroom was covered in leafy decorations! We were amazed and didn’t realise such magic could happen!

6 thoughts on “Peculiar Things Happening In Year Three

  1. Seth's

    Seth and his friends were keen to show us where the forest is and talked about what they found. What an exciting day for them. Thank you

  2. Nicole Davies

    Callum told me he found potions and clothes and found a note that said look at my stuff but do not touch it or my magic will wear off Callum has been really excited about doing this really sound’s like fun thank you ☺️


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