Year Three Fraction Picnic!

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Year Three have been learning how to add fractions. We have used this to plan our very own fractions picnic! We had a given amount of food that we were allowed and we made this using different foods. We worked out what fraction of our whole each food was and then found different addition problems for these fractions.

6 thoughts on “Year Three Fraction Picnic!

  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    I wonder how much time you took to complete this very interesting activity – half an hour, a quarter of an hour or even three quarters of an hour. So many fractions, so many places!

  2. Caitlin Harrison

    I loved doing fractions because I found lots of fractions equivalent to a half.
    For example:
    1half is the same as four eighths
    1half is the same as six twelths.
    1half is the same as fifty hundreds

    1. Miss Harrison

      @Caitlin Harrison: You are a super star Caitlin! For five dojos, do you know any equivalent fractions to one quarter? I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Miss Harrison


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