Nursery Children Have Been Pond Dipping

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The Nursery children have had a fabulous day pond dipping and learning all about the animals that live in there. Can anyone remember what animal they caught?
We hope you like the video of your super pond dippers.

5 thoughts on “Nursery Children Have Been Pond Dipping

  1. Mrs Gater

    We had a fantastic time pond dipping and found lots of tiny creatures. You were all super stars around the pond and listened carefully so you knew what to do to stay safe.

  2. Mrs Moss

    It was lovely to give the children the opportunity to see what was living under the water!
    The children behaved beautifully and listened to the rules regarding the pond to keep them safe.
    Well done Mrs Gater too! She was very brave touching all of the creatures.

  3. Hayley Bickerton

    The pond dipping looked like lots of fun. Bradley has really enjoyed exploring the pond life.


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