Year 2 Friendships

We have been thinking about the people we care for in SEAL over the past couple of weeks. First we thought about relatives we care for and how we can show them we love them by giving them cuddles or helping them around the house. Then we read a lovely story about how our family make us feel valued and special. This afternoon we discussed how we also care for our friends and talked about why our friends are our friends e.g. They make us smile, they play games with us and they have similar interests.

Also a big thank you to the children who have been reading at home 4 times a week.


2 thoughts on “Year 2 Friendships

  1. Sandford Hill

    It’s great to have a wide circle of friends. Some of my best friends now are still the same friends which I had when I was a primary school, a long, long time ago!


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