Year 3 Authors

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It looks like the children are just as excited as we are to finish our Beast Quest stories, judging by how many children have wrote stories in their special notebooks at home! Thank you children, it’s always exciting to teach children who are excited to learn.

6 thoughts on “Year 3 Authors

  1. Seth

    I am really enjoying the Beast Quest stories. I having been telling my mum all about the stories.

  2. Sarah Yates (jack sargeant's mum)

    Super Well done children !
    So proud of your work jack keep up the brilliant work.

  3. Mrs Cooper

    WOW, I’ve really enjoyed the Beast Quest stories and reading all of your work both at school and brought in from home. I’ve particularly enjoyed everyone working together to create a fantastic Nanook the Snow Monster for our display in the classroom using lots of different materials for fur, claws, fangs and eyes. While there’s blood in our veins we can conquer the world of writing.


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