Year 4 Music

Year 4 have been learning all about “The Nutcracker” by Tchaikovsky in music this half term. The children listened to the rhythms of the piece and played along using claps, slaps and cups! They put on a fantastic performance, well done Year 4!

5 thoughts on “Year 4 Music

  1. Mrs Frost

    Year 4, I am very impressed with your rhythm and how you keep the beat when performing The Nutcracker (and all with a simple cup). I think that you will be practising this at home!

  2. Mrs Allen

    Wow! Lots of budding musicians in Year 4. I really enjoyed watching and listening to you all accompanying a very well known piece of music by Tchaikovsky. Your rhythm was spot on. Well done Mrs Brian too.

  3. Jayne Brian

    Well done Year 4 – we had lots of fun doing this!
    Cups and Nutcrackers – I’m sure you’ll remember this piece of music for along time to come!


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