Reception World Book Day

The children in Reception all looked fantastic in their character costumes to celebrate World Book Day. We have enjoyed looking at the children’s favourite stories too.

As Dr Seuss once said “you can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book”.

6 thoughts on “Reception World Book Day

  1. Diane ( Ellie-Mae nan)

    What a wonderful day for the children, they all looked fantastic!
    And lovely the teachers join in too.
    Such a lovely atmosphere in recp today !

  2. Sandford Hill Post author

    So many amazing book characters and even more amazing book character costumes. Huge thanks to all the family members and friends who have supported the children with their incredible costumes! Your support as always, really is appreciated!

  3. Bev (Ellie-Mae's mum)

    All the children Look wonderful in their costumes and teachers too!!
    Looks like everyone had a fab day.


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