Barbie Bungee Jump

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Year 5 children were given the challenge of making a bungee rope for Barbie today. The challenge was to help Barbie bungee jump from a height of 4 metres, getting as close to the ground as possible, without bumping her head. As it turns out, the winning group made their bungee rope for Barbie’s friend, Ken, whose head was very close to the ground when the rope was at full stretch. Well done to Rio, Ethan, Oliver and Jacob B for getting Ken closer to the floor than any other group.

3 thoughts on “Barbie Bungee Jump

  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    What a fabulous way to investigate forces. I’m sure that ken was mightily relieved when the bungee roped snapped back and pulled him up before he careered into the ground!


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