Y5 e Safety Quiz

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Today we’re learning about how to stay safe when online.

Here in Year 5, we are creating and sharing our own esafety quizzes using Kahoot!

Here is a good question from Francesca:

I am 7 years old. Am I old enough to have an instagram account?

A. Yes, you’re old enough.
B. Ask an adult.
C. No, you’re too young.
D. Ask a classmate.

What is your answer(s)?

1 thought on “Y5 e Safety Quiz

  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    I would answer this by choosing the answer D; No, you’re too young to have an Instagram account. However, many people pretend to be someone else and sign up to Instagram, even when they know they are not old enough really. Remember the SMART rule : R is for Reliable – don’t believe everything you see on the internet and remember; “Think before you click!”


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