Reception Reading Meeting

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The teachers in Reception would like to say thank you to all those parents that attended the reading workshop this afternoon. We hope you found the session useful and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. We really appreciate your support.

4 thoughts on “Reception Reading Meeting

  1. Nanny Tracey

    I found the reading meeting very informative. Things have changed a lot since my own children were at school (my eldest is almost 30!) but as a nan who sometimes listens to my grandsons read it was good to be there and watch him enjoy and participate in the story being read to him by Mrs Powell and see how he and the other children interacted with the Mrs Powell; then to listen as parents/ grandparents/ carers etc as we were told how the children are now taught and how they can be helped and how the skills being taught at school can be further developed at home. Thankyou

  2. Maxine plant

    Felt today very useful in reading meeting will know now when it comes to Luke and I for reading and telling the story in a bit more detail well done reception children and well done to Mrs Powell and the rest.

  3. Sandford Hill Post author

    Many thanks indeed to all those family members and friends who came along to support this meeting. Reading is the absolute key to unlock the children’s learning!


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