Run Run As Fast As You Can

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There was a delicious smell coming from Reception today as we made our own Gingerbread men. We followed a set of instructions and added some chocolate buttons! This week we have also been busy retelling the story, painting and making Gingerbread men. Watch the video below to see how our Gingerbread men turned out. We would love to hear the children’s comments.

2 thoughts on “Run Run As Fast As You Can

  1. Diane ( Ellie-Mae nan)

    Love looking at what the children are doing.
    They all look so happy and enjoying doing their ginger bread men .
    Also eating them

  2. Kiera

    Grace has really enjoyed this weeks story, the gingerbread man. She has been singing the gingerbread man’s song all week and especially enjoyed making the gingerbread man and eating them, she told us that some got burnt, but her’s was fine and tasted delicious


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