Stig Of The Dump Modelling

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Mr Hassall has been exploring the school grounds and found a secret dump…Just like the one that Stig lives in! He very kindly brought some of the items he found back to our classrooms so that we could think about what invention Stig might make next! As we know it must get very lonely living in a dump, we decided to make Stig a robot friend!! Yesterday afternoon, we set to work using a saw and drill to attach the different materials! Some children were a natural with the tools and even showed me what to do!

8 thoughts on “Stig Of The Dump Modelling

  1. Mrs Cooper

    It was lovely to see all the children not only really excited about using Mr Hassell’s tools but also how carefully and respectfully they used them and using excellent listening skills to respond to Mr Hassells instructions. Well done Year 3, I’m very proud of you. (By the way, I have a new book shelf that needs putting up if anyone is willing to show off their new skills!)


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