33 thoughts on “Year 3 Week 6 Spellings

  1. Caitlin Harrison

    A dreadful, powerful giant came with a mouthful
    of food.He was saying that his foot was painful and
    he was tearful.The gaint had a colourful top and was
    looking at me very skillfully.

  2. callum hambleton

    Yesterday I got a colourful go kart .It is a very powerful kart ,my mum is worried that it could be harmful and wants it to go away .I felt dreadful and tearful .Dad skilfully managed to get mum change her mind .I hugged her so much it was painful.

    1. Mrs Mifflin

      Wow! You’re so lucky to have a dad who managed to change your mum’s mind! A colourful go cart sounds like so much fun!

  3. Caitlin

    Today was a dreadful day because I was feeling painful.I fell over and my brooze was very colourful.
    My friend was tearful.I went to school with a mouthful of cornflakes!

  4. Keira

    I was dreadful but then I saw a powerful superhero. Then the superhero made me skilful. So I had a mouthful of cakes. Then my back was painful. I couldn’t move because of my back but I wore my colourful clothes. Although my back was hurting I felt brave but I felt tearful.

  5. Callum W

    I’ve had a dreadful day because my teddy bear jumped and hurt his painful leg. He was afraid of Halloween and Christmas. It was a poor teddy bear who stole some things. He couldn’t eat anything because he didn’t have any teeth

  6. Isabella

    I felt so powerful today even tho I had a mouthful of food and a very painful leg.I was quite tearful. I nearly squished a very colourful bug. It was very harmful to him.

  7. Freya Meyrick

    I felt tearful because I couldn’t have any mouthfuls of chocolate before my tea. My knee felt painful because I was running so powerful.

  8. Ruby

    Once there was a Mellon called Miss Mifflin she broke her leg it was dreadfully painful she then became supper powerful every one feared her.

  9. Ruby

    Dear diary
    Today was verry dreadful my mum said “clean your room or I will ban you from the computer for a week ” NO WAY I thought I had a plan.I let my dad do it instead.
    See you tomorrow Ruby.

  10. Isabella

    I had a very painful spine I was tearful but I thought skilfully but also harmful for at least a week or two. I wore colourful clothes for day or two.

  11. Isabella

    I found some colourful clothes I thought they were very pretty. When I found a bug who looked at me skilfully he hurt me very harmfully. I was in pain my leg and arm were very painful.

  12. Caitlin

    I stood on a colourful bug.He was tearful when I trod on him.He thought I was very harmful. He looked at me skilfully.

  13. Caitlin Harrison

    I felt really powerful on a dreadful day.Aswell as feeling powerful I felt tearful beacause I fell over and hurt my leg.I had a colourful bruise after I fell over.I thought that the floor was harmful because I fell on the floor really hard and that’s how I hurt my leg.


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