Y5 Go To Jodrell Bank

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Year 5 have had a fabulous day at Jodrell Bank today. We learnt all about the famous Lovell telescope, the planet Mars, our solar system, constellations and much, much more! The children were brilliantly behaved and loved the Mars Rover Challenge as well as the Planetarium ( and the shop of course).

24 thoughts on “Y5 Go To Jodrell Bank

  1. Ryan Highfield

    I enjoyed the whole day it was an amazing experence to see the enormous telescope it was HUGE! Amazing day thank you Mrs Carney and Sandford Hill for the opportunity.

  2. Ethan protaszczak

    I really enjoyed yesterday especially when we did the Mars rover . It was so good so thank you for such a good day

  3. Rio jacob

    I enjoyed makeing the robot and playing with the space stuff. I enjoyed answering the questions and playing with the whisper antenna.I also enjoyed looking at the telescopes . I also enjoyed the planetarium. It was the best day ever!

  4. Ryan Highfield

    I had a great time at Jodrell Bank . I enjoyed going inside the igloo when it changed. All of it I enjoyed but I loved going in the igloo. Thank you for taking us Mrs Carney and everyone else who did

  5. Lilly

    Yesterday was really fun and educational.there was lots of activities to do. The telescope was massive. The planetarium was really sickly and made us feel sick .

  6. Lorna and Caitlin

    This was a very exciting trip and I would love to go again . The best bit was when we went in to the planetarium because we looked at some planets. We also looked at the big telescope which is the third biggest one and was named after a person called Lovell.

  7. Eddie and lucy

    I enjoyed the trip to Jodrell Bank.My best part was when we made a Mars rover and our egg inside did not smash.

    I enjoyed going to Jodrell bank. The best part was going inside the planetarium we had a really good time.

  8. Romy swinswood

    I had a great time at Jodrell Bank . I enjoyed going inside the igloo when it changed. All of it was fun but I enjoyed the igloo the most . Thank you for taking us everyone it was really fun.

  9. Ryan B

    It was a an fantastic time at Jodrell Bank. My favourite part was when we went into the tent. When we were in the tent we saw the night in the future it was the best day of Year Five so far

  10. Lorna Walton

    This trip was very good I loved the bit when we dropped the eggs even though are egg cracked it was very fun and I would love to go again
    Did you know that the telescope we visited was the 3rd biggest one in the world


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