Doughnut Percentages

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Mrs Hassall’s maths group have been using and applying their knowledge of fraction, decimal and percentage equivalence playing a domino game in groups today. To win the game every member of each team had to end up with a set of four dominoes which joined together to form a ‘doughnut’ where touching ends had equal value. The children had to pass the dominoes to other team members in order to help one another complete their doughnut. The rules meant no-one could talk or give non-verbal signals to anyone. The game definitely tested the children’s patience alongside their maths skills, especially when they could see a domino they needed but the person with the domino was unaware. Almost everyone completed the doughnuts – well done!

2 thoughts on “Doughnut Percentages

  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    What a fun way to try and help everyone remember fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents. I know that one quarter is equivalent to both 0.25 and also 25%. Can anyone share any other equivalents?


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