Year 6 World War 2 Homework

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For his World War 2 homework, Ashton has made his very own Anderson shelter. We especially like the attention to detail with the washing line that comes complete with clothes, pegs and a little robin perched on the post! Notice also the shovel and fork – vital tools in the Dig For Victory campaign. Well done Ashton!
Don’t forget, Year 6, the deadline for World War 2 homework is December 2nd.

One thought on “Year 6 World War 2 Homework

  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    That is fantastic Ashton. The washing line reminds me of the “Make Do And Mend’ campaign. This was to persuade people to mend things rather than throw them away. My Mum also sewed up the holes in my socks when I was growing up because she had lived through the war and had experienced Make Do And Mend!’ A fabulous homework project, well done and many thanks to all the family members who have supported you with this!


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