Year 4 Become Virtual Tourists!

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To help prepare us for our writing this week, Mr Hunt’s class became virtual tourists today! We are going to be writing a piece of travel writing, linking in to our History topic on The Romans. Today we all took a virtual visit to The Colosseum in Rome, using the iPads to explore a range of 360 degree photographs. It helped us to familiarise ourselves with the historic building, and see what it is like to visit today. The children were making notes of the things that they could see and lots of fantastic adjectives were noted, ready to create a wonderful piece of writing on Thursday. Well done Year 4!

2 thoughts on “Year 4 Become Virtual Tourists!

  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    I was lucky enough to visit the Colosseum in the summer holidays and would love to read your travel writing Year 4. It is most definitely a breathtaking and awesome arena.


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