11 thoughts on “Week 5 Spellings

  1. Mrs Mifflin

    My Spelling Story
    I believe I was being silly. I knew that out of eighteen runners eighth was not a bad place to come. Even my height and weight didn’t stop me from trying my best. My neighbour was the winner and he recieved a prize which he put into his locker. I did think that I might seize it when he wasn’t looking, only as a joke of course, to decieve him.

    See if you can blog your own spelling story. I would love to read them!

  2. Mrs Cooper

    Centuries ago, I promise, I’m not going to deceive you, on day eighteen of the eighth month, my neighbour, Danny, came to tell me he had climbed to great height to rescue a cat and was going to receive an award. Being so proud of him I congratulated him. I thought a good prize would be your weight in chocolate. Danny inspired me to do something. “Seize the day!” I thought. So that very next day, I ate my own weight in chocolate. I now believe that was not a very good idea.

  3. Finley

    My neighbour lives at number eighteen . On her eighth birthday she did receive lots of presents of different weight and height. She was very excited and could not wait to open them with it being her special day.

  4. Finley

    My neighbour entered a gardening competition. Out of Eighteen people she came eighth. The height of the vegetable won but the weight did not. She could not believe that the height of the vegetable did not deceive the judges into believing it was heavier with it being so tall!

  5. Charlotte

    I cannot believe that my eighteen year old neighbour came eighth in the height and weight competition. She was to receive an award for being part of the team and she was happy.

  6. Ryan Colley

    My neighbour had a parcel from the postman it was number eight of eighteen he had ordered. I believe the weight was 2kg and the height was 25cm it looked nice and I wanted to seize it.

  7. Lily Mae davies

    I had lots of toys when I came eighth in the running race and my sister Leanne is nearly eighteen . The weight of me is 4,8 stone and I seized the day . I Believe in you Mrs Mifflin!!! From Lily. See you later

  8. Jessica

    It was the eighth of December. I had been waiting in, as my neighbour said I would receive a parcel. As I got to my neighbours door, which was number eighteen. I could not believe my eyes. It made me seize at the height of my parcel. The weight was too much for me to carry.


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