Year Two Researchers

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This half term, we are creating our very own PowerPoint presentation in Computing! As we are learning all about the North and South Pole, we have decided to make our presentation about penguins! We needed to be super researchers to find information for our presentations and I’m sure that you will be very impressed with how many interesting things we found out about these peculiar birds!

9 thoughts on “Year Two Researchers

  1. Miss Gregory

    The children were excellent researchers! We learnt that the emperor penguin is the largest of the penguin species. I can’t wait to continue our learning with this topic.

  2. Adena Perry

    I loved doing. Reasearching it was a lot of fun and I got a top reasearcher sticker and I realy liked it when Mrs Martin came down and showed everyone my book I got a big sticker
    Yaaaaaaaaaaay. Wooooo

    1. Miss Harrison

      @Adena Perry: I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it Adena! You really were a top researcher and had many scientific words like migration!! You perhaps know more than me now! I felt so proud when Mrs Martin gave you your sticker because I know how hard you have been working See you tomorrow!

  3. Adena perry

    A penguin is a mammal and a bird because baby penguins hatch out of eggs then they will grow into mummy’s and daddy’s and they are a bird because birds have wings but the flippers of a penguin only look like a wing from a bird I’ll tell you why they call a penguin a bird it’s because a
    Penguin has flippers that look like wings there’s some other creatures that have the same thing it’s like flamingos.


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