Marvellous Museum Trip

Year 3 children and staff have had a fantastic time visiting Manchester Museum and learning all about Ancient Egypt. We even had time to explore the rest of the museum and visit the shop.

5 thoughts on “Marvellous Museum Trip

  1. blogteacher

    Wow Year 3! Your trip looks wonderful! I am sure that you learnt so much about Ancient Egyptian artefacts and I can see that you did a super job of building your own pyramids. Well done everyone!
    Mrs Stillwell.

  2. Sandford Hill Post author

    Watching this photo-show makes me think if we’ll have some future archaeologists in amongst our Year 3 children. I thought that the pyramid, which, you constructed, looked amazing. I can’t imagine how, all those years ago, the ancient Egyptians moved those huge blocks of stone to build their pyramids.


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