What a super week Year 1!

Wow! Miss Cope and I cannot believe just how well all of the children have settled into their new journey in Year One! We are so proud of all of them! We have been getting to know all of the children through their “all about me” boxes. It has been so interesting to see our children’s families and learning all about their hobbies, the toys that they like to play with and their favourite things! Thank you mums, dads and other special adults for helping the children to create such informative, creative boxes. We are so excited about this year and we look forward to watching your children achieve amazing things. Thank you again children and adults and please take a look at the boxes for yourselves.

3 thoughts on “What a super week Year 1!

  1. Laura

    Lucas had a fab first week at school and has settled into his new classroom so well. He enjoyed making his box and sharing it with his friends.


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