Year 4’s Spectacular Seascapes!

Year 4 have been hard at work since our visit to Llandudno.


The children have been using their knowledge of scale, perspective and blending colours to create fantastic sketches based on a photograph taken during our visit. The children voted on their favourite image – The Great Orme, and then all sketched their impression of it.


The following video shows the children rightfully proud in sharing their work with you. Fantastic work for the final time this year! Great job Year 4, and best of luck for next year!


Mr Hunt


One thought on “Year 4’s Spectacular Seascapes!

  1. Sandford Hill

    Super sketching there Year 4 , which really does prove what talented children we have here in school. Have a lovely summer everyone and we look forward to welcoming you back to school in September, when you will all be Year 5 children.


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