We Will Miss You Reception

We just wanted to say what a fantastic year we have had with all of the children. The children are so kind, polite and helpful and we have loved every moment with have spent with them. We will miss them so very much.

We also wanted to say a big thank you for all the parental support we have had continuously over the year.

Finally, we want to say a big thank you for all the generous cards, gifts and kind words we have all received. We are so grateful and we wish you a fantastic summer.

13 thoughts on “We Will Miss You Reception

  1. Sanoe Sky-Roberts

    Well done children – congratulations on completing reception. Have a wonderful, well derserved summer break 🙂

  2. Sandford Hill Post author

    A lovely post of our lovely children. You’ve been an amazing group of children. Have a lovely summer holiday everyone. Huge thanks once again for all our incredibly supportive family members.

  3. Kate callaghan

    Thank you to all the fantastic teachers in reception. A special thank you to Mrs Powell who has looked after all theee of my girls. Very emotional, sad day knowing that Frankie and Darcey will be leaving you. Have a fantastic summer break x

  4. Kath Roberts

    It’s been a wonderful year, thank you to all the fantastic staff who have given our children the start for their future journey ahead. Skyla- Beau’s confidence has leaped ahead with your care and help.

  5. Mrs Powell

    It has been a fantastic year and the children have been truly amazing. I will miss them very much. Thank you to all the parents and carers for all their continued support during this and previous years. It has been a very emotional day and I really appreciate your gifts, cards and your very kind and thoughtful comments. Enjoy the summer break.

  6. Nicki

    Thank you all for everything, you have made Oscar’s first year at school such a happy and special one. The children are an amazing bunch. He has settled in so well and made so many new friends. Hope everyone has a fab summer holiday x

  7. Rosie Wright

    Thankyou very much to each and every one of you teachers. You’ve looked after Alfie and Gracie in the most perfect way and I couldn’t have wished for them to have a better start in school life. Have a super summer, you all deserve it! xx

  8. Aimee Hopkin

    Can’t thank the teachers in reception enough especially Sienna”s teacher Miss Hodgson. Sienna has truly loved her time with you in reception and will miss you very much. We have had a lot of tears this evening. Hope everyone enjoys the summer holidays and the teachers have a well deserved break

  9. Jody Fowell

    This video has me in floods of tears every time I see it, absolutely perfect words to match every picture. ❤️ To see how happy they all are and all of the fun they have had while learning so much is incredible. I have always said that the EYFS Team are the best start any child could ever wish for in life and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. We absolutely adore you, thank you to everyone and thank you to the children and parents of our Sandford Hill family for another wonderful year.

  10. Linsey Bloor

    Bethan has loved every minute of being in reception (once she has let go of my leg in a morning!) Teachers rest up, William is coming your way soon!!! Xx

  11. Miss Hodgson

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and continued support throughout the year. It truly has been an amazing year and words cannot describe how much we will miss these children. Everyday has been filled with laughter and beautiful smiles, and the children should be so proud of all their hard work and achievements. Thank you to everyone once again and have a fantastic summer break.


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