Thank You Nursery

Well what a fabulous year we have had with our Nursery children, you have all been superstars! We will miss the children so much when they go to Reception but are looking forward to seeing them continue their journey.

Thank you so much to all the parents and careers for your continued support, we really appreciate and value it.

We have been so overwhelmed by all the generous gifts, cards and comments and we are truly thankful. We hope you all have a fantastic summer and we wish those children who are leaving us continued success at their new schools.

13 thoughts on “Thank You Nursery

  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    A lovely video, reminding us all of lots of happy memories from our earliest school days. Have a lovely summer everyone. Huge thanks to all our supportive parents and to all the staff of the EYFS for sharing the children’s learning experiences with us. It’s always a highlight of the day, checking into the EYFS blog!

  2. Mrs Gater

    What a fantastic year we have all had. Lots of great memories made. Have a lovely summer everyone.

  3. Janet myatt

    I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff in nursery you are all superstars. I hope Summer is as happy at her new school as she has been this year. Big thanks from nanny Jan xxx

  4. Katie Dyer

    What an amazing group you are- you are a fabulous team!
    You have all worked your magic on Lyla. She has developed so much in her time with you all and I thank you all for that. You’ve all put up with her diva attitude and her princess ways- you all deserve medals.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done. I’m sure Lyla will miss you all so very much and will not forget you!

  5. Ann-Marie jackson

    Thank you so much for looking after Martha. She has loved nursery and learned lots of things. She has loved her cuddles off all the teachers but especially from Mrs Gater and mrs Barker. You are all a credit to the school xx

  6. Sam Weston

    I can’t believe we are at an end πŸ™ You really are a fantastic EYFS and are amazing at your jobs and should be so proud in what you do year after year πŸ™‚ You have helped her grow into a beautiful (yet crazy annoying hehe) girl and we will truly miss you all as she sets off on her new adventure! X

  7. Deb

    Big thank you to all EYFS staff you are all brilliant. Oliver has had a wonderful first year of school. This video is lovely thank you for sharing. Enjoy the summer break x

  8. Mrs Powell

    All the children have been amazing and I am looking forward to working with them in reception. Many thanks to all our wonderful parents. Best wishes to all the children continuing their learning journey at a different school, we will miss you.

  9. Diane. ( Ellie-Mae Nan )

    It’s been brilliant to look at this blog seeing what the children are doing.
    And a very lovely year seeing all the children learning as well as being happy
    Many many thanks to all the teachers for happy memories .
    I’ve loved seeing Ellie-Mae being happy to come to school….

  10. Laura

    Jude has loved his time in the nursery, thank you to all the teachers for all the amazing work you have done. He is very excited about the new term as a big reception boy xx

  11. Jayne Moss

    Another brilliant blog Mrs Morton. After the sad end of yesterday we can look back with a smile and a giggle at some of the amazing moments that we have shared with these little people, who are now ready for their next adventure.
    We will see many of you when you return to school and wish the children who are leaving us all the best in their new schools. Please let us know how they get on.
    Love Mrs Moss x

  12. Jasmine

    Well done to nursery it looks like you have had a pretty good year also I loved nursery teachers and I am sad Mrs Barker is leaving


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