Strawberry And Orange Group First Sports Day

The Strawberry and Orange group have had a fantastic first sports day! The children all took part enthusiastically and took great pride in their achievements.
Thank you to everyone who joined us for a lovely family picnic afterwards.

10 thoughts on “Strawberry And Orange Group First Sports Day

  1. Tom ryan

    What a wonderful morning, and very lucky with the weather. It was great to see all of the kids taking part and having a great time.

  2. Tara

    Glad to see that all the children had a lovely sports day Ravyn couldn’t wait to tell me all about it when I came home

  3. Diane ( Ellie-Mae nan)

    Fantastic morning we enjoyed seeing the children enjoying the sports.
    And so lovely to have time with them after having a picnic.
    Big thank you to Mrs Powell and all the teachers involved for
    All the hard work for the children and parents ….

  4. Adrian birchall

    Great morning really enjoyed it well done to all the children who took part and to the staff for making it a really enjoyable morning

  5. Heather

    Couldn’t make Florences first sports day due to working! She looks like she’s had a fab time and thank you for posting the pictures so I don’t feel like I’ve missed to much! Much appreciated! xx

  6. Bev (Ellie-Mae's mummy)

    What a fantastic day watching the children in their first sports day and we were lucky to have great weather too.
    Ellie-Mae said she enjoyed all the events!
    It was extra special that the children could have a picnic with their family.
    Big thank you to Mrs Powell & all the staff for making this day so special & memorable.


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