Design And Technology In Year 3/2

Year 3/2 visited Frankie and Benny’s to support their Technology work. We created pizzas, using various toppings, to make tasty and attractive food and of course, finished off with the all important taste test.
The children’s behaviour and attitude was outstanding and they represented our school superbly. It was a pleasure to accompany such an amazing group of learners on this trip.
Mrs Mifflin.

3 thoughts on “Design And Technology In Year 3/2

  1. Mrs Cooper

    Thank you boys and girls for yet another amazing day out! You showed thoughtfulness and respect to the other people who were dining there, and should be very proud of yourselves. I really enjoyed sharing your ideas on your designs for your dough sticks, which toppings to use to create fantastic and delicious pizzas and also thinking about what happens to them once they go in the oven. The most enjoyable part was of course the final taste testing, it was great to see so many cleared plates. Well done again Year 3!

  2. Jody Fowell

    Wow they are some awesome pizza making skills! We love pizza in our house, hope they tasted as good as they looked. X


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