The (British) Value Of Our Democracy!

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Mr Hunt’s class spent some of Wednesday morning thinking about one of our British values – Democracy!

In readiness for today’s General Election, the children had wide ranging discussions and activities to learn about how our democracy works. The children:
1) Had a quiz on the current political leaders in our country.
2) Took part in smaller group debates, where each person took it in turns to say what their two main priorities would be if they were Prime Minister. The rest of the group could then ask them questions, just like a real press conference!
3) Had a mock General Election, where the children voted for one of three candidates who had different priorities for leading the country.

The children also saw how different methods of voting can create different results. They were superstars throughout the morning, speaking passionately about the economy, education, health, defence, social care and the environment. They listened attentively to each other and asked thoughtful and insightful questions of each other, and they learnt plenty about our democracy.

I think that we could definitely have the Prime Minister of the future in our midst! Super work Year 4!

One thought on “The (British) Value Of Our Democracy!

  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    That’s lovely to hear and very topical. I wonder who the new Prime Minister will be when the children return to school on Friday. I wonder if the future Prime Minister will think about whether there are more suitable places to use for voting- it’s such a shame that we have to close the school for it. I think it would be better to have the polling station in a local supermarket. What do you think?


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