Under The Sea

What a very busy start to our final half term! It was lovely to see so many happy smiling faces all refreshed after the half term break and ready to learn lots of new and exciting things.
On Monday we shared ‘The Rainbow fish’ a story about a fish who didn’t like to share his shiny scales, afterwards the children painted their hands to create their own rainbow fish.
Our new role play area has been very popular, with everyone acting out being at the seaside not forgetting to apply sun cream before taking a dip in the paddling pool.
Today the children have made an Octopus, they had to carefully count out eight tentacles to attach to the body, super counting by everyone, well done!
There has been many more activities, please take a look at the photos by clicking on the Sandford Hill icons and as always we would love to read your comments.

6 thoughts on “Under The Sea

  1. Sam Weston

    Beautiful fish and octopus children! Very colourful 🙂 and the lovely role playing dreaming of being on the beach sunning it up! 🙂

  2. Claire Booth

    It looks like the children are really enjoying this topic. Isla told me all about making her fish and that she wants to go to Disney land on a plane.

  3. Sandford Hill

    A fabulous post once again everyone. I think I’d like to try out the role play area too- the train looks amazing. Let’s all hope that the weather improves soon; nobody likes to go on holiday when its cold and raining!

  4. Diane ( Ellie-Mae nan)

    Nice to see the what the children are all enjoying and how lovely to be thinking of the sea and the beach.

  5. tara

    Lovely pictures made by all the children, wondered why Ravyn was looking in our fishtank asking where the octopus was the other day.

  6. Ruth

    Wow children. It looks like you’ve been having so much fun with your swimming costumes on and playing on the beach.


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