Super Sharing!

This week in Maths, Reception have been learning to share a number of objects equally. Yesterday the children were given a set of numbers to 20 to investigate if that number could be shared equally. The children were super investigators and found that some numbers such as 9 and 13 cannot be shared equally. We have also been learning to verbalise our sharing by saying, for example, “if I share 12 equally, they will have 6 each”. Fantastic work everybody! Click on the links in the picture below to hear the children verbalising their sharing.

2 thoughts on “Super Sharing!

  1. Mrs Powell

    You have worked really hard in maths this week. You can share objects equally and explain your findings too. Well done to all our brilliant mathematicians.

  2. Sandford Hill

    How lovely to hear such a ‘buzz’ around the classroom as the children solve the sharing problem. It seems as though the children were really enjoying their maths lesson.


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