Year 4 get into shape!

As part of our shape and geometry lessons, Year 4 spent Tuesday’s lesson completing a range of reasoning activities. We have been looking at the different types of triangles, and how we can identify them by their different properties.

The children completed 4 activities. Firstly, there was a sorting activity using a home made Venn diagram! The children came up with their own criteria to sort the triangles, such as if they contained any right angles, or had sides all of different lengths. Then, the triangles were sorted and placed into the Venn diagram.

Next, there was a puzzle to solve as the children were given an image and asked to count how many triangles they could see. Many of the children found this harder than it first seemed, but they persevered and found that there was more than they thought!

The third activity involved using a clock face to draw different types of triangle. The children had to think about how to draw equilateral, scalene and isosceles triangles by drawing lines from the different numbers on the clock face.

The final challenge involved working with a partner. The children sat back to back – one partner had a shape in their hand that they had to describe to their partner. The partner had to try and draw the shape onto their whiteboard. It was great to hear all of the fantastic mathematical language from the children!

The children really enjoyed all of the activities and it was great to hear them talk about the different properties of the shapes. Fantastic work Year 4

2 thoughts on “Year 4 get into shape!

  1. rhunt Post author

    You all worked brilliantly Year 4! Can you name a type of triangle and the different properties that it has?

  2. Sandford Hill

    I really enjoyed watching your video Year 4 and seeing the different ideas which you have used to learn about triangles. I wonder if any of you can spot any triangles in your home. I noticed some last night as my two boys were sharing a Toblerone chocolate bar. The Toblerone is wrapped up inside a box which is shaped as a triangular prism. The box had five faces- two triangular faces and three rectangular faces. I’m sure there must be lots more triangles around us. Can you spot any of them? Anyway, I need to end this post now, as I’m off to play a game of snooker- hmmmm…I wonder if I’ll spot any triangles as I play?


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