Easter Fun

What a lovely day we have had in Reception today. We made chocolate nests this morning and talked about how we could melt the chocolate and then this afternoon we went on an Easter egg hunt! The last clue said:
Good morning everybody is what we say
Where do we do our register everyday?
This is the last clue, I wonder what we’ll find
Let’s see if the Easter bunny has been very kind.

Can you work out where the Easter bunny left some chocolate for us?

3 thoughts on “Easter Fun

  1. Jody Fowell

    How lucky you all are to have had a special chocolate treat from the Easter Bunny! Lola really enjoyed her chocolate nest yum yum xxx

  2. Mrs Powell

    Well done reception for solving the clues! The Easter bunny was very kind and I am sure you enjoyed your chocolate treats.

  3. nicki

    Oscar only told me about the cake when I found the empty cake case in his book bag! He told me all about the egg hunt though and said it was very exciting!


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