Year Two Coding

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Yesterday we were very lucky to have a special visitor from Blythe Bridge High School. Our visitor came to watch our coding lesson and he was impressed to hear us using tricky vocabulary like ‘algorithm ‘, ‘debugged’ and ‘coding’.

To learn about coding we participated in lots of different activities! Some of us used a website called One Hour of Code to make an Angry  Bird catch the Pig and some of us ‘unplugged computing’ by giving instructions verbally to a friend. Then some super star programmers, created a code for a friend that would instruct them to create a lucky dipped shape! It was a challenge to debug some of the codes but eventually our programmers were able to create a series of successful algorithms!

6 thoughts on “Year Two Coding

  1. Sandford Hill Post author

    Well done children. I know how impressed Mr Myatt, (the Blythe Bridge High School teacher) was with your coding skills. I’m sure you all had great fun creating Angry Bird algorithms. Great job everyone!

  2. Sarah Yates

    Jack Sargeant came straight home from school and logged straight into his tablet so he could show me what he has been doing in class. He is really enjoying it. Keep up the good work children

  3. Stephen Myatt

    A really enjoyable lesson with lots of activities that the children enjoyed. The skills demonstrated by the children showed that they understood the tasks they were doing and it was really exciting to hear computer specific vocabulary used when introducing the sections of the lesson. Well done to all the class, I can’t wait to see more.

  4. Finley Jackson

    I really liked coding with the I pad and the other game. How fun it was! Thanks for letting us do some coding.


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